Technique Tuesday Clear Blocks - 1.5 x 10
Technique Tuesday clear blocks are specially designed to make stamping easier. Our clear blocks are hand-crafted and are put through a six-step process to achieve a completely clear finish. Unlike other companies' acrylic blocks, these clear blocks are smooth and rounded on all edges so there are no sharp points or rough saw cuts that could irritate your fingers. And instead of being only 1/2 inch thick, they are 3/4 inch thick so they are easier to grasp for more accurate stamping. Technique Tuesday’s smaller clear blocks are designed for individual letter or image stamps. The larger clear blocks make it easy to stamp entire words or several accents at the same time. Or choose several clear blocks, such as the 1.5x1.5, 1.5x6, and 2x3 inch blocks, so that you will have everything you need to make many great scrapbook pages. It's easy, so much fun, and a wise investment!

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