PaperPacker Scrapbook Paper Organizer
The Paper Packer Scrapbook Paper Organizer was specifically designed to allow you the ability to visualize each and every scrapbook page of paper in your inventory without leafing through page after page of paper. In fact, with the Paper Packer, you have a panoramic palette of up to 500 pages of scrapbook paper that can all be seen at the same time! Visible colors and patterns will leap out of the Paper Packer, stimulating new ideas that will make scrapbooking an exciting and awesome adventure!The Paper Packer can be hung at a scrapbooking station, can freely stand on any workspace and can be folded and zipped up for the scrapbooker on the go. It works anywhere you do! There are also plenty of pockets and pouches for scrapbooking tools, pictures, stickers and pages in progress. Simply put, the PaperPacker is the perfect solution for all of your scrapbooking needs. It's about time!Holds 8 1/2” x 11 or 12” x 12” paperSee-through pockets for easy access to photos, stickers, and more Front zippered pouch to carry all your bulky items like scissors, pens, and accessories D-Rings for quick wall mount Carry handles, and a shoulder strap Folds and zips shut for on-the-go portability Freestanding on work area when opened Due to the size of this item, Gift Wrapping is not available.

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