Fiskars 12" Euro Craft Paper Trimmer
Fiskars 12" Euro Craft Paper Trimmer features a sleek design and aluminum insets. The aluminum surface improves visibility of the scales so you can measure and cut more accurately. A handy ruler pivots out from under the board to measure large format items, then swings back in place for easy storage. The unique TripleTrack rail design allows the blade and rail to interlock, making straighter and more precise cuts. It’s simple to use. Just slide paper under rail and align. Firmly press down the blade carriage and slide along the rail to cut. Accurately trims: 5 sheets of 20lb paper 2 sheets of card stock Glossy photo paper, and photographs Fiskars 12" Euro Craft Paper Trimmer comes with these features:Aluminum surface for improved visibility and more accurate measurements TripleTrack rail design for straighter, more precise cutsCompact / Lightweight design for easy storage Swing-out ruler Durable blade carriage makes over 1000 cuts

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