Fiber Friend Template
Create beautifully embellished borders, photo mattes, accents, pocket pages and cards with the easy-to-use Fiber Friend. Punch or mark even spaces for stitching on your projects. Position the Fiber Friend on your project using the vertical markings. These include 8.5x11, 4.25x5.5 card, and 4.25x6.25 photo matte. The template itself is 12" long, perfect for using on 12x12 paper. Move the template closer or farther from the edge of your paper uding the horizontal markings. These give you a variety of options while keeping your stitching marks straight. Use the center line as a guide for marking holes for fiber & ribbon embellishments at the top, bottom, or side of your card or page. The will always be perfectly centered when using the Fiber Friend! Diagonal lines help you create corner designs.

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