Eyelet Friend 1/8" Template
Create beautifully embellished cards, photo mattes, accents, and page toppers with the easy-to-use Eyelet Friend. Use your anywhere punch right through the template! No more marking, moving it aside, and punching, hoping you put the hole in the right spot! It works great with vellum--it holds the vellum down flat while you punch. No more buckling! Use the corner holes for eyelets placed perfectly in the corners of your project. Use the adjacent holes for making corner designs. Want eyelets further from the edge? Turn around the Eyelet Friend, match the corner marking lines up with the corner of your paper or punch, and the eyelets will be the same in every corner! Create perfectly centered fiber and ribbon embellishments along the top, side, or bottom of your project using the centered holes. There are eight different spacings to use, on both the vertical and horizontal sides. One of these will be perfect for your project. Use the star design for perfectly proportioned star accents. The Eyelet Friend is 4 1/4" x 5 1/2". While this is the perfect size for making cards, they are easily adapted to larger projects by using the markings for placement.

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