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My hometown is Calgary, AB but I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. I'm a stay at home mom of 5 year old Taylor and 21 month old Jaiden and I've been married to Bill for almost 7 years. My life is constantly in high gear!

I attended my first SU workshop over 3 years ago and was just blown away, I immediately was hooked! Never thought I could do anything crafty let alone make a business of it. I became a demo in May 2004 and business has been great!

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Retiring in Style. There are 139 stamp sets retiring this year to make room for the new. Remember, after June 30, these sets will never be available again, so don’t wait! Contact me for more information.

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Convention 2005  
Excitement pounds my heart on a daily basis these days! I am going to my first Stampin' Up! Convention from July 19-24th in Salt Lake City, Utah. I will be coming back with so much inspiration, business ideas and of course swaps. I can't wait to show all of you what I will have learned.

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If you have ever thought of owning your own business at a reasonable start up cost and you love Cardmaking, Scrapbooking and Papercrafts than Stampin' Up! is for you. Contact me for information. I would love to get a demo package out to you!

Effective immediately anyone that books a workshop with me will still be entitled to a FREE IDEA BOOK & CATALOGUE but, you will not receive a catalogue until the day of your workshop OR you can pay the $10 for the catalogue and than once the workshop has been done you will receive your $10 back or use it as a credit towards your Stampin' Up! purchase.

Colorful Days - June 2005. Click here for wonderful project ideas.

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What's New?

Whew! May was a busy month for me. The weather has been absolutely beautiful, sunny and warm. Now it's June, a time for re-organizing my business and also a time for slowing down which is probably a good thing as I need to get ready for Convention 2005.

The new 2005-2006 catalogues should be in my happy hands on June 29 or 30 so make sure to contact me to purchase your copy or host a workshop and earn it for FREE! I can hardly contain my excitement, I will definately be watching out for my most favorite brown truck!

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Featured Accessories

White Uni-ball Signo Gel Pen

The smooth-rolling ink of this gel pen allows you to add text or creative touches on dark card stock. You can also add highlights to watercoloured images. Medium ballpoint tip. Item #105021 (Summer Mini), Price $5.95 CAD. This item will also be in the new 2005-2006 catalogue.

Crazy for Colors

Stampin' Up! is delighted to announce wonderful changes to their exclusive color families! You can start ordering the new colors July 1.

The changes:

Marvelous Magenta, Mauve Mist, and Mint Melody will be retiring.

Pixie Pink will replace Positively Pink.

Handsome Hunter will replace Forest Foliage.

Regal Rose will replace Rose Romance.

Bravo Burgundy will replace Barouqe Burgundy.

Elegant Eggplant will replace Eggplant Envy.

Bashful Blue replaces Bliss Blue.

Ultrasmooth White will be called Whisper White (still will be the same paper just a different name).

Ultrasmooth Vanilla will be called Very Vanilla (still will be the same paper just a different name).

New colors are: Always Artichoke, So Saffron, Pumpkin Pie, Apricot Appeal, Certainly Celery and Sahara Sand.

New Color Groups:

BOLD BRIGHTS: Glorious Green, Green Galore, Gable Green, YoYo Yellow, Only Orange, Real Red, Pink Passion, Pixie Pink, Orchid Opulence, Lovely Lilac, Brilliant Blue, Tempting Turquoise

RICH REGALS: Bordering Blue, Brocade Blue, Ballet Blue, Night of Navy, Taken with Teal, Handsome Hunter, Always Artichoke, So Saffron, Regal Rose, Rose Red, Bravo Burgundy, Elegant Eggplant

EARTH ELEMENTS: Chocolate Chip, Close to Cocoa, Creamy Caramel, More Mustard, Pumpkin Pie, Really Rust, Ruby Red, Cameo Coral, Summer Sun, Old Olive, Garden Green, Not Quite Navy

SOFT SUBTLES: Perfect Plum, Pale Plum, Pretty in Pink, Blush Blossom, Apricot Appeal, Barely Banana, Certainly Celery, Mellow Moss, Sage Shadow, Bashful Blue, Almost Amethyst, Lavender Lace

NEUTRALS: Sahara Sand, Basic Brown, Going Gray, Basic Black, Whisper White, Very Vanilla

You will be able to order the individual colors of discountinued and retiring markers, ink pads, and card stock only while supplies last. So make sure to get your order in early.

Tips and Techniques

30 USES FOR THE 48 STAMPIN' UP!® RE-INKERS (Part 2 of 2)

What else can you do with bottles of re-inkers other than re-ink your stamp pads?

16. Faux Porcelain Technique (by Esther Jacobson):
On US Vanilla CS, stamp the image with Night of Navy (probably works with other ink colors, too - I just tried it with the N of N). Hairspray the stamped image. Wipe dark blue residue ink off with paper towel (Nof N ink leaves a residue). With brush, cover the entire image and surrounding area (if that's to be part of your card) with Oyster Shell Radiant Pearls. Set on windowsill until the sun bleaches out the card. Using desired SU ink (one drop from re-inkers) mixed with blender fluid (two to three drops), paint in the image. Air-dry; blot if necessary. Pretty effect. Interesting texture.


17. Aluminum Foil Backgrounds:
Pull a piece or foil off the roll. Fold it in half - open. Squirt some of your re-inkers on the foil. Fold the foil in half again, pressing together (with hand or brayer roller) and allowing the inks to mix into each other. Open up and lay a blank card in the inked foil. Fold the foil over the card. Smooth your hand over the foil allowing the ink to get on the card. Open the foil and look to see if you need to add any more paint. If so, repeat the process.

18. Baby Wipe Backgrounds:
Another way to use the re-inkers is with baby wipes! Pour a tiny amount of ink into a palette. Take a fresh baby wipe and scrunch it into a ball. Next dab the baby wipe into the ink and swoosh the baby wipe across the card to create unique patterned backgrounds. The alcohol in the baby wipes makes the inks literally shine on the gloss card, not to mention that they also add an interesting textured pattern.

19. Bubble Backgrounds:
Do you need the look of bubbles for your scrapbook page or card? I don't mean little bubbles but nice BIG, fat ones. Then you must try this way of using your re-inker. All you need is re-inker, dish washing soap, glossy CS, water, whisk, large bowl, drinking straw, paper towels, and an aluminum baking dish.

20. Easter Egg Backgrounds:
Do you want to spread a little spring happiness around? Try making your own designer paper using the re-inkers. Using a wadded up paper towel, dip in re-inker color and pounce it all over the US White CS. Doing this with two or three colors ends up looking like dyed Easter eggs that the little kiddies do. To use an eyedropper, put some drops down and let them run across the page.

21. Other Objects for Creating Backgrounds Using Re-inkers:
Kooshball - dab in re-inker and paint
Marbles - put in a shallow dish with drops of re-inker, roll side to side
Rubber Ball - bounce it in re-inker and then on paper
Piece of Mesh - dye it or use a sponge and re-inker to create a cool grid on your paper
Bubble Wrap - dab in re-inker and then press onto paper
Sandwich Bag - bunch it up, dab into ink and then on CS
Sponges (any of the variety) - dab and paint
Any suitable household object

22. Polished Stone Backgrounds:
Apply four to six very small dots of metallic ink (from refill bottle) onto a quarter sheet of glossy CS. Do not apply too much or too thickly or you will have a problem with it rubbing off finished project. Dip cotton ball into alcohol and squeeze out most of the alcohol. Dot four to five small drops of one or two colors of water based ink onto the wet cotton ball. Dab cotton ball in an up and down motion all over the CS as desired. (Colored inks will blend and metallic ink will marbelize.) Quickly go back over the "dots" and swirl and pat ink to blend "dots" of color and spread metallic ink into "veins." Let dry. Dry with the heat tool for about 30 seconds. Stamp image on top with our Basic black inkpad or embossing pad and powder. Spray with sealer. You may choose to emboss the entire background after stamping.

23. Resist Backgrounds:
To do this technique you can use several things: wax paper, white or clear crayons, rubber cement or VersaMark® with clear embossing powder. The results are pretty much the same with any method. After you get your stamped pattern on the paper use an eyedropper to put some drops on the page. Hold the paper slanted down and let the ink run across the page (do this over a pan and save the run off ink in a plastic color palette that has a lid to seal. You can find these at art supply stores). The ink is resisted in the areas where you have placed your wax or VM/EP. You can also use your brayer to place re-inker colors on your CS. With a little imagination and a bit of experimenting, you can make some pretty cool patterns this way.

24. Shaving Cream Backgrounds:
Use re-inkers to make your own specialty papers. This technique requires foam shaving cream and re-inkers. It is a little messy so you may want to wear thin rubber gloves and work in the kitchen on newspaper. Spread the bottom of a shallow 9x12 pan with a layer of shaving cream (the cheap 99-cent stuff). With a spatula, spread it out to about 3/4" thick in the bottom of the pan. Take a couple of coordinating colors (such as Mellow Moss and Pale Plum) of re-inkers and put a couple drops in a random pattern all over the shaving cream. Use just a couple drops to start with. You can always add a few more. Take an object such as a marker, pencil, chopstick, or toothpick to swirl the shaving cream around until you get the look you want (this will result in a marbling effect on your finished product). Press a piece of colored or white CS (1/4 sheet is easier to work with) face down into the shaving cream from the center out. Press it to be sure the whole surface is touching the shaving cream. Gently peel the CS up and scrape off the extra shaving cream with a spatula or butter knife. Dry off the extra bits with a dark colored
towel or a clean paper towel. The shaving cream will come off the CS, but the ink pattern will remain. Don't be afraid of smearing the ink. It will stay where it originally touched the CS. You will create awesome backgrounds, each one a little different. You can repeat until you don't like the design you get or the colors get muddied. When the CS is dry, the surface is soft, almost velvety to the touch.

25. Tie Dye Backgrounds:
Cut open the bottom and one side of a page protector so it opens like a book. Dribble three or four colors of re-inkers on one side. Close and mush the colors around. Open the page protector again and place two half sheets of GLOSSY CS back to back and lay on ink. Close the page protector and lightly brayer to press the ink into the paper. Open the page protector and set papers aside to dry. This can be repeated twice more to make six papers per inking. This makes great papers for invitations to a birthday party.

26. Tissue Paper / Window Sheets (Acetate) Backgrounds:
On a window sheet, squeeze out a blob of clear gel glue. Spread with your finger and leave it fairly thick. Drop a few different colors of re-inkers on the glue and spread around. Add more drops to achieve a marbled look as desired. Cut a piece of white tissue slightly larger than the glue/ink area. Wad it up. Unroll and leave wrinkly. Place on top of glue/ink and set aside to dry (peel back a corner to check that the ink is dry). When dry, peel the tissue away from the acetate and use whole or in pieces for a cool background. The finished paper has the look of stained glass.

27. Tissue Paper with Glue Backgrounds:
Stamp all images on acetate. Color stamped images on reverse side (non-stamped side) of tissue paper. To highlight use Marvy Metallic markers. Put drops of white glue on reverse side (once marker is dry) add drops of dye re-inkers. Use your fingers to smear glue and color as desired (work carefully over marker as it will flake off - it is worth the effort as the Marvy Metallics are really what makes this pop)! Crumple white tissue paper and adhere to glue to seal. Layer with background papers onto card.

28. Water Sprayed Backgrounds:
Spray water on glossy CS. Sponge the card. This creates a lovely washy, softer ink background.

29. Watercolor Brayer Background:
Drop spots of several re-inkers onto a piece of plastic wrap. Fold the plastic wrap in half to spread the ink around. Unfold the wrap. Ink your brayer by rolling it across this newly created palette of color. Spritz with a water bottle and roll out onto your CS for a very pretty watercolor effect.


30. Christmas Ornaments:
Make beautiful glitter bulbs! Take a clear glass ball ornament and remove the top. You will need about ten drops of one color of our SU ink refills into each clear glass bulb ornament. NOTE: Only add one color ink refill (dye-based ink) or it will create a muddy mess and won't look very nice. When you are done, turn the bulb upside down and let the excess ink drain off into a paper/plastic cup. Pour approximately half-teaspoon glitter into the CS that is folded (you can mix different colors of glitter to create your own custom design). After the ink has drained from the bulb, quickly pour the glitter into the glass bulb. Put a small piece of paper or plastic over the opening to protect your finger. Now...SHAKE. Shake the glitter around IMMEDIATELY so that it doesn't sit in one place forming a big blob of glitter. Pour excess dyed glitter into a different plastic film container (you can reuse it). Put the top back on the ornament. Tie organdy or grosgrain ribbon, raffia or whatever you would like around the top or just leave it plain.

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